Businesses and government agencies the world over resolve their issues quickly and effectively with Modria, the Resolution Engine for the Internet.
And so can you.

Modria Resolution Center
For Businesses

Our proven, scalable technology and industry leading expertise:

  • Resolves customer disputes swiftly and fairly.
  • Reduces both customer support costs and legal risks.
  • Increases customer loyalty.

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Modria Resolution Center
For Government Agencies

Our proven, scalable technology and industry leading expertise:

  • Enables you to get caseloads online swiftly.
  • Delivers efficient case management and real-time reporting.
  • Improves citizen satisfaction and your organization’s efficiency and morale.

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Some of Our Customers

Meet Colin—He Invented This.

Colin Rule is not only the founder of Modria, but is regarded as one of the world's leading dispute resolution experts and a pioneer in the burgeoning field of online dispute resolution.

Meet the Modria Team

The small-claims court for the 21st century.

The team behind the service already helped companies like eBay and PayPal solve more than 400 million cases.

Modria will be the place consumers and businesses will go to resolve any type of dispute.

Modria's Fairness Engine: Justice On Demand.

Research shows a Fairness Engine can boost customer purchases by almost 20 percent.

About Modria

Your customers deserve better. So do you.

We've seen every possible complaint and dispute imaginable. Our team pioneered the world's first online dispute resolution system over 20 years ago. 400,000,000 disputes later, we really know what we're doing. Depend on us to provide you with the solution to all your dispute problems.

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Resolve your customer complaints from anywhere.

24/7 accessibility so your customers can get quick resolution through any web connected device anytime and anywhere in the world.

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60 million customers can't be wrong.

We created and scaled the online dispute resolution systems that eBay and PayPal use to resolve more than 60 million disputes a year. Many of the top dispute resolution firms in the world have chosen Modria as their online solution. Let us create a Modria solution that fits your needs perfectly so that you can get back to doing what you do best: growing your business.

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